Shepard Fairey (Born Frank Shepard Fairey) was born in Charleston, South Carolina, in 1970. Whilst attending the Rhode Island School of Design, Fairey created a small company named Alternative Graphics, selling stickers, t-shirts, skateboards and posters through a mail-order catalogue. Fairey is famous for creating the Andre the Giant Has a Posse sticker campaign that attracted significant curiosity and interest, eventually evolving into the Obey Giant clothing brand. The Obey Giant website states that the sticker itself has no meaning but was created to cause people to contemplate and search for one.

Arab Woman Gold (2006) Arab Woman Red (2006) Peace Mujer (2007) Harmony (2011) Peace Goddess (2008) Peace Goddess Gold (2008) Peace Goddess Red (2008) Peace Goddess Burgundy (2008)
Universal Personhood (2013) Toxicity Inspector (2008) Duality of Humanity 1 (2007) Rise Above Rebel (2011) OccupyProtester (2012) Israel Palestine Woman Gold (2009) Israel Palestine Woman Red (2009) Peace Woman (2009)
Revolutionary Woman (2008) Peace Guard (2008) Commanda (2009) Debbie Harry Zebra Skin (2014) A Message From Our Sponsor (2015) Peace Justice Woman (2013) Peace Elephant (2009) Time To Move On (2015)
Unsinkable Consumption (2016) God Saves And Satan Invests (2015)

We The People (2017))
Muslim Woman (2005) Revolution Girl (2005) Imperial Glory (2012) Power (2012) Paradise Turns (2014) Lifeguard Not On Duty (2014)
Obama Vote (2008)
Hope For Darfur